The Healing Tree community for Mental Health
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Social Mission

The Healing Tree is a social co - operative business in Iraklion Crete, addressing the need to end the stigma against mental health problems, helping to improve the services, to raise understanding and gather help around those who need support. ​Our mission is to help create a path to mental health awareness in the community and encourage more people to get information and education on coping with mental health issues.


The Healing Tree community offers educational programs to mental health patients and their families, to people who struggle with disadvantages or come from socially vulnerable groups. It also provides a common ground for conversations and presentations, a place where like-minded people meet and work on mental health awareness goals. It exemplifies a democratic operational environment and aspires to become a shared boundary between the conventional health system and the local community.

Other info

The Healing Tree community offers educational courses and support services for mental health patients, people who suffer from various mental illness symptoms and their families. One can join our seminars & workshops to develop their coping strategies, learn new life skills, build resilience and develop a positive sense of self. The community also runs: a) a Career Counseling and Advising Centre with occupational resources and educational information on what it takes to succeed in your chosen area of work, b) a Nutrition Centre, promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle as a valuable help in preventing relapse of mental health illnesses, c) a Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counseling Classes for health promotion. The Healing tree platform includes a Holistic Wellness Retreats section for explorers of the slow living movement and travellers, as well as our very own collection of podcasts. ​Furthermore, you can browse our site and blog for resources and info on what is going on in the city, around the topic of mental health.


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Visit our website

Visit our website

Feel free to look around and ask any questions that come to mind on how we work together and help people with mental health needs.