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Sources of Funding [B] - Financial mechanisms and tools
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This last topic introduces students to (readily available but also potential) financial mechanisms and tools through which social and solidarity economy entities finance their capital needs. It focuses mainly on equity capital and repayable finance/debt financing, and classifies mechanisms and funding tools into those possibly available from internal sources, and those available from external sources. In doing so, it stresses the different risks related to the source of funding even when the same financial solution is being sought. Finally, it links available sources and potential mechanisms to the development phases of an SSE entity, indicating what should be expected or searched for, when and why. The topic concludes with two important remarks and learnings:

  • it stresses the importance of good capital management and guides  articipants through a set of suggestions to mitigate the risks stemming from poor decisions and over-indebtedness; and
  • it highlights the merits that stem from a strong capital structure for  fficient and sustainable SSE initiatives
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